This collective group of believers consider themselves to be the persevering church” under hardship, persecution, restrictions and sometimes intense pressure from hostile governments and other religions. To them, the term the persecuted church” draws too much attention to themselves as being a separate part of the global body of Christ seeking pity and special attention. They repeatedly stress to Empower that prayers and physical assistance in times of stress and testing are greatly appreciated, but they wish to be viewed as simply ordinary believers, persevering to follow Jesus’ steps in the way of the cross.”

The forms of compassionate assistance for these persevering believers” in times of persecution often takes the form of:

  • Food for the pastor and family
  • Temporary housing for when they are expelled from their residence
  • Medical aid to assist in recovery from physical persecution and mistreatment while incarcerated for their faith
  • Funds to relocate the family while the pastor is imprisoned. (Note: This is because on occasion the family members are abused and mistreated physically in order to weaken the resolve of the pastor to follow Christ and not to reveal sensitive details regarding church activities.) Under these circumstances, funds will be used to move the family to a safe location and then provide them with homeschooling, food, clothing, and shelter.

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