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Cuba is in a dire situation. The multi-national trade embargo has effectively crushed the economy, totally impoverishing nearly the entire general population.

Despite the hardships that most Cubans face, there is a strong Church of dedicated believers who continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel to great effect.

The Cuban people live under a communist régime that controls all aspects of their lives. The government provides an average monthly salary of $145 CDN. Pastors and/​or church planters receive no salary from the government. Many Cubans struggle to meet life’s basic needs, and for those who can afford them, many day-to-day items such as food, clothing, shoes, and soap are in short supply. Most homes in the cities are crumbling brick and concrete structures on government-owned land. Access to power and water is limited or sporadic. Village homes have dirt floors, thatched roofs made of palm fronds, and walls from salvaged wood. Hurricane season wreaks havoc on these homes often leaving them in ruin.

Cuban believers are finding great success in sharing the Gospel amid the bleak atmosphere. In 1991, there were roughly 1,100 churches and house churches in Cuba. Today, it is estimated that there are 25,000 congregations of varying sizes and denominations gather together to worship the Lord. Though the government does not provide any monthly supplement to pastors or church planters, their dedication to their ministries never wavers.

Official Name
Republic of Cuba
Form Of Government
Socialist Republic
11,032,343 (2022)
Official Language

Empower’s Response in Cuba


Decades of government restrictions in the country have created a never-ending need for God's Word. Periodically, Bibles become available in-country and Empower readily procures these for the growing congregations.


Pastoral Training

Most pastors in Cuba do not have formal ministry training, yet the need to educate and equip this dynamic force is of primary focus to see the Church in Cuba move forward.


Pastoral Church Planter Support

Pastors and church planters receive no government subsidy and congregations have little to contribute. National workers are always in need, as they are poorer than the average Cuban citizen. Empower supplies a small monthly subsidy to help with the basic necessities of life. As funds are available, Empower also helps provide bicycles, shoes, livestock, and improvement money for housing and sanitation.


Chaplains (Prison, Hospital and Orphan Ministires)

Pastors/evangelists with a passion for reaching prisoners are having a profound impact in Cuba. They are taking the Gospel to those incarcerated in the overcrowded prisons, leading thousands of prisoners to Christ, and establishing church gatherings within the walls of the prisons. As well, these chaplains are visiting the families of prisoners, sharing the message and hope of Jesus. As these family members turn to Christ, house churches are planted in their regions. The chaplains are also sharing Christ in the hospitals and orphanages of the countries with thousands each year becoming believers. Ongoing monthly support ensures the continued provision of this effective outreach.



Poor Cuban pastors have little in the way of resources, but an abundance of passion for sharing Jesus. Many church planters and their families cannot afford to buy new shoes. If they have a pair of shoes, they wear them until they have completely fallen apart. The simple gift of a pair of shoes, which cost only $10, helps make their long journeys to disciple believers and plant new churches much more manageable and encourages them to continue to work hard for the Lord.


Mobile Medical Clinic

Believers and pastors in eastern Cuba often live without essential medical care. A traveling Christian doctor is currently caring for and ministering to church planting families and their congregations through this support which provides transportation, doctoral visits, medical supplies, and Bibles.

Ongoing monthly support ensures the continued provision of this essential care.


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